Parent and Child Counseling

The relationship between a parent and a child is one of the most formidable relationships in life. At Healing Path Counseling we work with children, adolescence, and their parents to make this relationship all in can be.

In addition to parent and child relationship counseling we work with teens that have become distant, sullen and act out against the rules of the home, school, or community. We also work with younger children that struggle with impulsive behavior, are unable to concentrate, or lack social skills. Our approach is to listen and guide each child as we help them realize ineffective ways of addressing issues, and help them construct more effective and positive problem solving skills.

Couples and Marital Counseling

When a marriage, or involved personal relationship, is not working it can feel like everything is more difficult than it should be. At Healing Path counseling we work with couples and help them discuss their differences, troubles, and ultimately discuss why the relationship is not working. We see couples that argue constantly, feel distant, have in-law conflicts, have blended family conflicts, or are overcoming life altering revelations such as infidelity. We strive to help couples learn about each others communication and problem solving styles which in turn gives the couple the basic conflict resolution skills they need in order to work on their issues in the long term.

Individual Counseling

At Healing Path Counseling we work with individuals who struggle with emotions and actions that interfere with life at home, work, and other aspects of daily life. These emotions include depression, anxiety, anger, past sexual physical or emotional abuses, drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, impulsive behaviors, attention deficits, lack of assertiveness skills, and poor self esteem.

It is often the case that past relationships and interactions affect current relationships. For that reason we work on individual needs before preforming family or couples sessions. If you or someone you know needs to discuss their emotions and feelings have them contact us to schedule an appointment.