Managing Holiday Stress- Tip Sheet

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Getting Started

Use the following questions to help you take a look at how you can make the holiday experience work best for you.

    • What do you enjoy about the holiday season?
    • What do you not like about the holiday season?
    • How could you make the holidays more enjoyable?

Common causes for Holiday Stress and Holiday Stress Busters

Holiday Emotions- Expectations, family conflict, extra work or home demands, can lead to feeling tired, run-down, and emotional over the holiday season.

Holiday Stress Busters for Holiday Emotions

        • Do something you enjoy each day/Laugh often
        • Focus on positive self-talk
        • Pick your battles (Figure out what is most important, and let some things go)
        • Spend time with family and friends

Expectations- Sometimes we put expectations on ourselves based on previous holidays, old traditions, and the desire to please others.

Holiday Stress Busters for Handling Expectations

        • Prioritize – set small daily goals
        • Delegate-let others help out and contribute
        • Speak up about your expectations and needs
        • Be flexible
        • Know your limits

Money– The holiday season may lead to more expenses in multiple areas including gifts, food, and travel. This can lead to stress and cause conflict at times in relationships.

                                                Holiday Stress Busters for Handling Money

        • Set a budget and stick to it
        • Discuss financial limits/Prioritize
        • Be creative
        • Avoid competing with others 

Health– Many times our health is the last thing on our minds during the holiday season. Stress, poor eating, and lack of exercise can take a toll on our bodies.

Holiday Stress Busters for Health

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Maintain a balanced/nutritious diet
  • Exercise a minimum of 120 minutes per week
  • Have compassion for yourself
  • Drink Responsibly

Safety– The holiday season can lead to more time on the roads, more time out in the cold, and other safety concerns (such as if you use a fry your turkey)

Holiday Stress Busters for Safety

  • Allow extra time for driving (check road conditions, be aware of increased traffic, wrecks, etc)
  • Complete winter maintenance/Prepare vehicle for travel
  • Avoid creating potential fire hazards in the home with decorations
  • Don’t over exert if manually shoveling snow
  • Be aware of winter conditions-Watch footing in snow and ice
  • Be aware of surroundings when shopping


Don’t Forget


Have A Plan

Be Gentle with Yourself

Don’t rely on your memory

Always have a back-up plan/ Be flexible

Do something for others

Talk things out

Seek help when feeling overwhelmed


                                              HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!                               


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