An ADHD Symptom Checklist for Parents

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Needs repeated reminders to complete each step of the morning routine

Loses or forgets items needed for school

Has trouble settling down when the school day starts

Seems to have trouble responding when spoken to directly

Gets easily distracted or daydreams in class

Has difficulty doing what the teacher asks

Has difficulty following classroom, school or home rules

Makes careless mistakes in classwork or homework

Has trouble being careful ad neat while writing or drawing

Forgets to turn in homework assignments

Has difficulty sticking with tasks long enough to complete them

Has trouble completing tests, quizzes, tasks or activities in the time given

Has difficulty with work requiring long concentration, like math tests

Has trouble switching from 0ne task or activity to another

Blurts out answers in class discussions

Fidgets or squirms in seat

Has trouble staying in seat when expected

Has trouble staying quiet when expected

Has trouble waiting turn

Interrupts classmates or breaks in on their games

Becomes less attentive as the day wears on

Fails to bring home assignments or materials needed to do homework

If you are answering often or very often to these questions, it might be time to get assistance to help your child succeed in school  Often medications are not necessary, learning better organization, how to self manage attention and focus, and establishing routines to help take the guess work out of homework.  Call me at 501-327-7224 for an assessment and start down the road to a better school experience for you both.

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